Announcing ITV Downloading!

Get iPlayer Automator is now capable of downloading ITV shows. I should give the disclaimer that this feature truly is in BETA. It is in no way perfect and should not be expected to work as reliably as the BBC downloads do.

This feature, as all future channels (more on that later) will be, is only available to those on 64-bit machines. This includes all Intel Macs except for those with Intel Core chips rather than Intel Core 2, Xeon, or Core i3, i5, or i7.

Hope everyone enjoys this feature over the holidays! And keep the bug reports coming!


4 responses to “Announcing ITV Downloading!

  1. Thanks for adding the ITV download feature. Got Downton Abbey just fine, I have the mp4 file, but it won’t copy into iTunes? Maybe some formatting problem?

    I’m doing a manual conversion in Handbrake now from mp4 to m4v, I’ll see if that allows it to be imported.

    Still, getting the file in the first place is a good thing! – Thanks.

  2. Than you this is a brilliant app and I look forward to when ITV feeds work as well as the BBC feeds. Any further feeds will be an excellent bonus.

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